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Järjen Ääni ry wants to influence society through, among other things, statements and publishing activities. The activities are promoted with the help of the members. As a member, you will be the first to receive information about new publications and actions and you can participate in the preparation of them if you wish. Every member’s work effort is valuable.

You can participate in the association’s activities as a support member or expert member. The expert members participate in the association’s activities by using their expertise to promote selected objectives.

As a support member, you support the association’s ideology and can, through your own expertise and knowledge, if necessary, actively contribute to promoting the association’s goals. The supporting members have an important role for sharing the expert group’s publications and articles in their own channels and for recruiting new members to the association.

As a member, you can also make requests for topics to be covered, from which we, depending on resources, select topics suitable for the association’s goals for further processing in the working group.

The association also maintains a network of experts who can use the association’s distribution channels for their own publications.

No membership fee is currently charged.

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