Järjen Ääni ry

Let the voice of reason be heard

The association’s activities are based on respect for human rights, the Finnish constitution, and the ethical principles of health care. Decision-making in society must be based on facts and on an objective overall assessment of both advantages and disadvantages.

The long-term social effects of all measures must be considered in decision-making. Communication must be open and honest, and all parties’ freedom of expression and equal human dignity must be respected. For the sake of clarity, we would like to point out that the association does not oppose vaccination and does not participate in spreading incorrect information.


Although a corona virus infection can be a significant health risk for some individuals, the danger of the pandemic to public health has often been exaggerated. The measures taken to combat the disease are disproportionate to the severity of the disease and its damage – and are therefore largely unfounded. At the societal level, the restrictions cause far more harm than good to human well-being.


The objective of the association is to remove the restrictions and rather guide the inhabitants mainly through recommendations. The corona passport, which is a method of pressure without a scientific basis, must be abolished. Covid-19 should not be classified as a general dangerous disease. The temporary changes made to the Infection Control Act must be repealed. It must be ensured by law that the use of coercive measures that go against the fundamental rights of the individual is limited to extreme and well-defined national emergencies, to which the corona virus can not currently be counted.

The association’s role

The voice of reason rf is a politically independent association. The association’s goal is to influence the social climate and political decision-making by adding a voice based on science in the current corona discussion and highlighting the effects of measures and decisions in society from a holistic perspective and in the long term. To achieve its purpose, the association can conduct research and publishing activities, draw up initiatives for various authorities and organize different kinds of events.

Work group members

Mats Rönnback

Doctor of Medicine, general practitioner

Björn Jäschke

Specialist in anesthesia and intensive care, chief medical officer

Eija-Riitta Korhola

Doctor of environmental policy, politician, philosopher

Paul Lillrank

Professor of production economics

Miikka Korhonen

Economist, entrepreneur, digital strategist

Saara Lifflander

Lawyer, economist

Elina Lappalainen


Teemu Långsjö

Doctor of medicine, Bachelor of Science, eMBA, specialist in general medicine and radiology

Lotta Hällström

Nurse, social educator, Master of political science

Manja Piela

Artist, entrepreneur, part-time teacher

Heini Kettunen

Social scientists, educator

Dennis Mitzner


Manja Piela

Taiteilija, yrittäjä, tuntiopettaja

Björn Jäschke

Anestesian ja tehohoidon erikoislääkäri, ylilääkäri